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The Gray Area

Jun 22, 2021

n the middle of a snowstorm, our showrunner Edward Champion discusses making "West with the Light" (a sequel to Season 1's "Waiting Room"). Topics include why Chris Smith is the cat's pajamas, how Octavia Butler and Champion's grandmother served as the inspiration for Virginia Gaskell, the overarcing...

Jun 22, 2021

Genius writer Virginia Gaskell fends off boredom (and the Receptionist’s peppy interventions) while trapped in the waiting room, but a number of unexpected new visitors provide vital new clues to her purpose and journey. (Running time: 21 minutes, 43 seconds.)

Written, produced, and directed by Edward Champion.


Jun 15, 2021

Two important items: (1) New episodes of The Gray Area will be airing biweekly starting on June 22, 2021. (2) We have learned that Podbean is asking for additional money (in the form of "beans") from our premium subscribers -- a move that we stand adamantly against and that we never authorized. As such, we will...